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Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp

SEC Rule 17Ad-15 requires that Transfer Agents have a signature guarantee program to prevent the unauthorised transfer of securities.

Medallion Stamps are required by transfer agents such as Continental Stock Transfer, Computershare and Colonial Stock Transfer to insure against fraud and unauthorised transfers.

​Fortrend Securities Inc is a U.S financial institution, Member SIPC and FINRA.  We are also a member of the Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp program (STAMP).  This requires significant audited net capital and a surety bond. Find us at FINRA here.

We can help process the following types of transactions:

  • Deposit of physical share certificates:  We commonly receive Disney, Fox, Brookfield, Kinross, Iron Mountain, Mondelez and Dr Pepper and many others.

  • U.S. Dollar dividend checks (USD) may need to be collected and processed.

  • Fidelity and T Rowe Price often require a stamp to wire money to Australian residents who have an Individual Retirement Account (“IRA”).

  • Name changes and DRS transfers from transfer agents.

  • Deceased estates often require medallion stamps to transfer US stock to beneficiaries.

  • 144 Restricted stock sales, these complex transactions require special handling.

  • Employee stock option exercise transactions.


Making it easy:  Because we deal with transfer agents every day, we have direct communications lines and can process transactions very efficiently overnight, while Australian residents sleep well.

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