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Global Stocks, Bonds, and Derivatives

Fortrend offers a powerful global trading platform in a single integrated account, with direct access to all major financial exchanges around the world. 


Fortrend provides a wide array of equity, fixed income and derivative instruments accessible via our international trading desk, available during Australian and US market hours.

AF - Global Stocks

Multi-Currency Accounts and Foreign Exchange

Fortrend is equipped to deal in more than 40 different currencies and offers competitive exchange rates.

AF - Multi Currency
AF - Cash Management
AF - Online Account

Cash Management and Money Market Accounts

Your Fortrend account pays interest on cash balances based on prevailing exchange rates. Dividends are paid directly into the single integrated account and are able to accumulate. Fortrend offers a wide variety of money market funds for our clients.

Online Account Access and Monthly Statements

Fortrend was first in Australia to offer online trading in foreign equities to Australian investors. The online platform provides secure and convenient access to real-time holding details, statements, and trade confirmations, as well as market news, quotes, and extensive investment research.

Visa Debit Card

Visa Debit Card

You can add Visa and cheque book facilities to your account at Fortrend. For the jet-setters, this is a great way to access your money while travelling the world. The Fortrend asset management account offers a single, simple solution for cash, expenditures, and investments.

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