Fortrend’s Investment Banking team leverages its unique international and local qualities to offer innovative services to our clients in three broad areas:

Fund Raising

Corporate Treasury Services
Our most popular structure allows companies to raise money on an opportunistic basis. Not only does the Facility give you access to capital as you need it, the Facility can be used concurrently with the normal range of fund raising options. Unlike other offerings in the market, control over timing, amount and pricing are under your control and Fortrend’s facility is backed up by real balance sheets and distribution both in the US and Australia.

Our clients are always on the lookout for attractive, well structured listed and unlisted investment opportunities.

Equity Capital Markets
Fortrend frequently participates in existing distribution groups to help broaden and expand offerings in the market.

Corporate Finance Products

Cash Management
Fortrend offers products with competitive short term deposit rates.

Foreign Exchange
Due to our global network, Fortrend can offer foreign exchange rates to clients that are significantly lower that those generally available in Australia.

Hedging Instruments
Fortrend is able to offer full suite of hedging products to our corporate clients on highly competitive terms.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Scrip Offers
Fortrend’s team members have the ability to manage an off-market scrip offer to help companies consolidate and grow.

Vendor Due Diligence to Sale
Thoroughly preparing companies for sale can lead to better outcomes for all. Fortrend team members stand ready to drive the process from Vendor Due Diligence to sale.

Australian Inward Investment
Fortrend can introduce a range of onshore and offshore investors for Joint Ventures, Asset purchases and entire corporate acquisitions.

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Joe Forster
Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: +61 3 9650 8400
Email:  jforster@fortrend.com.au

Mr. Forster worked at Smith Barney Inc. as a research analyst in New York prior to moving to Australia in 1988 where he worked for the investment banking division of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets.