Portfolio Management

Portfolio Construction

After conducting a Know Your Customer interview, we will design an investment strategy for you.   Firstly, we will co-ordinate our effort with your Australian broker.  It is important for us to have a look at your Australian portfolio to understand your asset allocation.

Based on your family needs, your assets and your financial goals, each portfolio will be a personally tailored solution for you and your family.

Portfolio Maintenance

Fortrend’s ongoing services, after you put a portfolio in place, include:

  • Review meetings with your advisor.  We recommend that you schedule quarterly meetings at least for the first year. In addition, we will email you research reports when important events impact your investments
  • Market Wrap, you will be sent a daily summary of overnight market action
  • Relative Value Model:  We will send you a copy of our flagship monthly publication, which has an excellent track record, and brilliant market insight
  • Invitation to our regular briefings based on the content of the Relative Value Model.  This will give you an opportunity to “ask hard questions” which we encourage
  • Stock updates: when companies make important announcements, we will communicate the news to you
  • Recommendations: when Mr Forster makes changes to the recommended list on the Relative Value Model we will contact you, and provide either general or specific advice for your portfolio.