Options Trading & Margin Lending

Options Trading

Options can be used effectively under almost every market condition and for almost every investment goal.

Options can benefit you by:

  • Protecting your stock holdings against a decline in market prices
  • Increase your income on current or new stock holdings
  • Benefit from price volatility

Risks and Characteristics (Options Clearing Corp.)

Margin Lending

Have you ever considered using your account to secure a loan?

  • Easy borrowing access to cash loans
  • Increased purchasing power for securities transactions
  • Short selling for potential profits (for sophisticated investors only)

Many investors do not realise that a margin brokerage account may give them access to funds at interest rates that may be lower than standard bank or credit card loans.

Whether the loan is to fulfill a financial obligation or to simply make a purchase, it is an extension of credit using the power of leverage.

Best of all, there is no lengthy approval process – all you need is a signed Margin Lending Agreement along with sufficient marginable securities in your account and the cash is yours.