Joe Forster

Managing Director, Fortrend Securities Pty Ltd

Chief Executive Officer, Fortrend Securities Inc.

Mr Forster started his career in the Research Department in Smith Barney in New York, where he developed the Relative Value Model, which was extremely successful in selecting stocks that would outperform the market.

In the late 1980’s Mr Forster moved to Australia, with the career idea to bridge US and Australian capital markets.  He took a job working as an investment banker for the Country Manager of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets.  Mr Forster was involved in many large global transactions in debt, equity and quasi equity markets.

Mr Forster is very active in the American Chamber of Commerce  (AMCHAM) and sponsors and hosts events on a regular basis.

The Relative Value Model is the core of Mr Forster’s stock selection process and has helped him to beat the market on a consistent basis over the past 15 years.   It is generally published on a monthly basis.  Mr Forster follows it up with a stand up presentation for customers.  In these presentations, Mr Forster encourages participation and “hard questions”.