Depositing Money and Stock

Your Fortrend account is a multi-currency account which enables you to deposit any of about 40 different currencies.  Most customers want to deposit AUD, USD, GBP, CAD or EURO.  If you want to deposit any other currency, please contact your advisor and we will send you the instructions.

If you are transferring your account from another FINRA broker, all you need is our simple Account Transfer Form.

Depositing certificates is not easy.  This often takes more time than people anticipate, and there may be fees involved.  We strongly recommend that you keep your shares in electronic form with a broker or get them on deposit so you can transact without delay.

If you have a US certificate, you will need to sign a Stock Power and send the certificate to us by registered mail.  We will send it to Pershing, who will send it to the transfer agent to be converted into electronic form.

If you have a UK certificate you will need a Crest Transfer Form.