Financial Interview

At Fortrend it all starts hear, we listen.

A detailed Know Your Customer interview is the best way to develop a good relationship with your advisor.  We believe in investing time and effort up front to get to know you in three major categories:

1.         What is your family life, your professional background? What are your personal interests?

2.         What are the numbers: what is your balance sheet, income statements, expenses and financial objectives?

3.         Who are the other financial service providers in your life?

Please note that Fortrend provides a very specialist service. We are not accountants, financial planners or brokers.  We do not do estate planning and we do not sell insurance.

Fortrend’s role is to construct and manage international investment portfolios for sophisticated investors and self managed super funds.  Because there are many services that we can not provide, we can refer you to a good bench of accountants, financial planners and other services providers that we maintain.

We believe that this is best for our business and your wealth.